Everyday Street Objects in Bulgaria Come to Life With Funky Googly Eyes

What does it take to come alive? Well, nothing much really, just a pair of googly eyes will do the trick. Bulgarian street artist Vanyu Krastev is humanizing inanimate street objects in the country using just googly eyes and an extremely amusing imagination. 'Eyebombing' urban art separates away from its street contemporaries as the works were executed without ego and selfish intent. Krastev just basically wants to make onlookers and people who are passing by happy.

The googly or jiggly eyes

They're just those typical eyes you can buy from arts and craft shops or stationery shops. Different diameter ranges are available from 4.8 mm to over 76 mm so the artists have the freedom to animate big or small street objects. The eyes are also available in various colors to give inanimate objects a "silly" or "cute" appearance.

Take a look at this broken street boulder for example.

And this pavement spill which has a surprised emotion to it.

Or what about this silly little dude overlooking the surroundings underneath him.

It's also great to see parts of Bulgaria in the eyes of the locals as they are by no means filtered, which represents the real substance of the country.

"Where did my nose go"? One may ask.

Eyebombing initiative

With the mission to "humanize the world", the eyebombing initiative aims to bring a ray of sunshine to people who are stuck in their boring everyday life. It makes us realize that the world around us isn't as idle or as lifeless as it seems, but it is just as alive as we are. The team of street artists, equipped with loads of googly eyes, is looking to "inspire mass placement of eyes wherever it will bring a smile to people".

Contrary to other forms of street arts, eyebombing doesn't have the intent to seek reputation or recognition that sometimes border into the edge of vandalism. Rather, eyebombing exists as a form of communication without the purpose of provoking its audience but just to brighten up people's moods through the use of humorous personification ideas.


For example, this street post looking worried about its corroded skin.

This street tile needing some TLC haircut.

I wouldn't ask what unpleasant event this tree just witnessed.

Stop urinating on me people!

Come closer so I can snort some humanity out of you.

Dude, I swear I've never seen you before.

Do you have a light?

And this one saying "Oh" exponentially.

The Bulgarian street artist deserves a pat or two on the back. Mission accomplished! You managed to brighten up our day and brought some life to the world - keep it up as the world needs more of this kind of humanitarian art.

Watch the video: The B-wrap u0026 ShyPuff Collection (October 2021).