20 Struggles Only Left Handed People Will Understand

This world is far from devoid of problems for left-handed people. Trust us, you'll never understand right-handed fella. Whether you are one of the "chosen" few or just want to "walk a mile" in their shoes, here are some great examples of their daily trials and tribulations.

We'll just get stuck in, prepared to be enlightened/relive your nightmares depending on your handedness. The following are in no particular order and far from exhaustive. Trust us, let the world burn.

Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments.

1. Finding a lefty friendly desk

We'll kick off our list of problems for left-handed people with this pain in the bum. University is hard enough without having to find an appropriate desk.

Why oh why did they ever think these were a good idea?

2. Ergonomic handle scissors, not for lefties though

These scissors are amazing if you're right-handed, but for lefties, these are literally torture devices. But even for right-handed people, prolonged cutting sessions are equally torturous.

3. Measuring tapes tend to be upside down

Dagnabbit, why is this even a thing? Who in their right mind designs, makes and sells upside down measuring tapes. Has the world gone completely mad? Oh well, we guess you'll have to use "an app for that".

4. Crosswords are discriminatory

You could learn to write in reverse, but why should you? Unless you use some super-duper instantaneously drying ink or ultra-resistant pencil, you're going to end up with a dirty hypothenar. Been waiting to use that term for over a decade, thanks and you're welcome. Absolutely disgraceful to be honest :)

5. The eternal right-left elbow war

As if they didn't have it easy enough with crosswords, scissors, and desks, you have to share desks with them. Beware, elbow combat is an inevitability. Let battle commence.

6. The devil's own spiral notebooks

Yeah, let's bind some paper together for convenience right? Let's make sure the metal spine can play havoc for left-handed users, shall we? Yeah, great idea! :)

7. Can openers can go do one

Where is Leftorium when you need it? Look at can openers for instance, what the hell? Are you telling me I need to learn to be a contortionist to open a damned can?

8. Firing a gun could

These things are designed to injure or kill the enemy, not you! Who in the blooming hell decided to put the ejection port on the right-hand side? Seriously man.

9. Pen decals that remind you are left-handed

Speaking of anti-lefty conspiracies, check this out. As if the world hadn't created enough problems for left-handed people! What about decals on pens that are upside down. Yeah, thanks.

10. Noticing fellow lefties in films

Righties just wouldn't understand, would they? That moment when you notice a lefty, doing lefty things in films. Righties just wouldn't even notice. Sleep safely that they just would never understand.

[GIF Source:GIPHY]

11. Accidentally drinking someone's else's drink

Damned antiquated etiquette and place settings. Especially with drinks. How are you supposed to remember the drink to your left is actually that person's and not yours during a heated discussion. It's almost as if it was purposefully designed to create the maximum embarrassment for left-handed people.

12. Playing instruments

Look, how are we supposed to release our creative sides if the power that be decided to only create instruments for the right-handed in mind? Are they mad? If only they realized the improvements that could be made if this was "corrected". Though Jimmy Hendrix did ok, we suppose.

13. Blooming binder folders

Seriously, as if spiral binder notebooks weren't enough. You can't even put stuff in a folder without problems. Do we actually need to file stuff upside down now? You've got to be kidding me.

14. Keyboard number pads

Yeah, say no more. Sure I'll just reach over the entire keyboard to type in some numbers. What's that? Learn to do it with my right? I hate you.

15. Car Cup Holders (Geography specific)

If you live in a sophisticated country like the UK this is one of the few problems lefties are spared from. For the rest of the world, have a word! Look, driving is "involved" enough without having to consciously search for somewhere to put your beverage. Damn you all.

16. Generally socializing with non-lefties

Whether it be exchanging money, shaking hands, you name it. This is a damned mine-field. There's also the constant demands for your experience of doing this or that. I'm left-handed not an alien dude.

17. Communal pens at banks etc.

Grrrr. Guess you forgot your own pen again, now you have to run the gauntlet of using that pen attached to a metal "chain" to fill out that pointless paperwork. Can't it be in the middle?

Is this a joke, why would I steal it?

18. Playing computer games

Look consoles aren't too bad, you can just get used to it. But should you have to? Granted there are "lefty" settings but don't even get us started on PCs and mice!!! The problems for left-handed people seem to have no limits.

19. Swiping credit cards

It's all good if you're the one paying, we suppose. As for the "swiper" let's hope it's chip and pin.

20. Zippers

Last on our list of problems for left-handed people is this doozy. Seriously what the hell? What's with that stupid flap of material over the zip?

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