Best Bundle Deals for Engineers to Save a lot of Money on Software

The future of most jobs will rely more on computing and software than ever before. From animation software to Linux systems, knowing how to use technology gives people the upper hand in the workforce. Here are some of the best deals online right now that bundle together multiple programs or online courses to teach valuable skills that you can market to a potential employer.

Microsoft Office Certification Training Bundle

Cost: $39
Original Price: $999 (96 percent savings)

It's an assumption that nearly anyone applying for a position using a computer will have a working knowledge of Microsoft Word or Powerpoint. But what about Excel? Struggle with Outlook? Maybe you're someone who doesn't want to admit that they still don't understand all the nuances of Microsoft Word. This bundle is perfect for those needing a comprehensive understanding of the Microsoft Office Suite. It provides 24/7 access to over 162 unique lectures on various elements of Microsoft Office.

Design & Animation Mastery Bundle

Cost: $39
Original Price: $1,500 (97 percent savings)

Ever wanted to perfect the craft of animating cartoons or bringing designs to life? This bundle comes with over 240 hours of content with no time restrictions. Learn how to use Pixelan, Boris Continuum Complete, and Autodesk Maya 2016. The bundle comes with a 15-day satisfaction guarantee; if you're completely unsatisfied, you'll receive an in-store credit refund.

Complete C Programming Bonus Bundle

Cost: $39
Original Price: $928 (95 percent savings)

C programming is one of the most interesting and versatile programming languages around. Since its creation, C remains one of the most popular and widely-used languages for engineers to learn. This bundle gives users access to 59 lectures that explain the system in detail. The course explains pointers, pointer variables, indirection, and more. As of this writing, this deal is only around for another 12 hours.

The Complete Computer Science Bundle

Cost: $39
Original Price: $367 (89 percent savings)

This bundle is perfect for the person who wants to know a little bit of everything about computer science. It includes courses in C Programming, Java, Python, and more. The bundle even includes physical computing with a course on Raspberry Pi and how to effectively use its components. This course is taught by former Google software engineers who banded together to make Loonycorn eLearning.

GogoTraining's Software QA & Testing Bundle

Cost: $29
Original Price: $885 (96 percent savings)

This bundle gives users lifetime accessibility hours of content regarding product development. It includes three unique mini-bundles. The first course covers Risk-Based Planning and determining better software testing alternatives. The second course focuses on Reusable Design and how to efficiently carry out product testing. The last course uncovers the need for software inspection to prevent further issues. Act fast, because this deal ends in three days!

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