Here's How to Learn MATLAB, the Big Data Tool Used by Professional Engineers

Everyone knows that in today’s super-connected and digitized world, big data is king. Yet when most people think of big data, they think of Facebook’s targeted ads, or perhaps Amazon shipping you things you never asked for. There are, however, more important and exciting ways in which massive sets of data are being used to make our lives better.

In the realm of science and engineering, for instance, big data is the stuff that keeps planes in the sky, sends satellites into space, and saves countless lives across the world every day. MATLAB, which stands for Matrix Laboratory, is the absolute go-to numerical computing environment that’s used by leaders and innovators in the sciences to crunch, analyze, and implement massive data sets into a slew of amazing projects. The Complete MATLAB Mastery Bundle will get you up and running with this incredible platform for just $27—over 85% off its normal price of $200.

MATLAB, which is used by over 2 million professionals and students in the sciences and academia, is an essential tool to learn if you want to break into some of the most promising and lucrative careers of the future.

And although this technology can seem daunting at first, this course bundle breaks down all the most important aspects of MATLAB through five easy-to-follow modules. You’ll be introduced to MATLAB at a beginner level—gaining an understanding of how to utilize the framework to solve basic problems and learning how to solve equations and do math operations using reasonably-sized data sets—before moving on to more advanced topics like creating your very own apps using MATLAB’s renowned App Designer tool.

There’s a course dedicated to teaching you how to tackle advanced MATLAB data types and plot incredible functions of massive data sets, while simultaneously giving you hands-on experience in building tables, structures, and interactive maps. You’ll even learn how to import and analyze Excel data—meaning you’ll be able to streamline your workflow and live more efficiently.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn about one of the most powerful and popular tools in engineering and the sciences in general. The Complete MATLAB Mastery Bundle is on sale for over 85% off its usual price at just $27.

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