Meet the World's Smallest (And Coolest) Record Player

It's no secret that audiophiles across the world adore vinyl. The rich, warm sound is simply impossible to emulate with digital media (especially the low-fi streaming services that dominate our lives), and an iTunes library of tiny album covers pales in comparison to the real thing.

But there’s a reason why vinyl has faded into relative sonic obscurity. Hauling around a giant record player in order to play your favorite jams isn’t exactly practical, and most traditional record players require large speakers with ancient connections in order to be effective. The RokBlok solves both of these problems by letting you play your favorite records anytime, any place, and its price has just been dropped to $89 for a limited time.

The RokBlok is truly the world’s smallest wireless record player. It clocks in at only 2" x 4" long—meaning all you have to do is find a flat surface, place the super-stylish RokBlok on top of any record, and you’re off to the races. You have the option of listening through the RokBlok’s internal speakers, or your preferred wireless Bluetooth device (if you want to turn your house party into a full-on vinyl rager).

Don’t let the RokBlok’s small size fool you, however. Its internal speakers deliver an incredibly rich sound, and offer a tight, deep bass along with shimmering highs. You’ll get the full vinyl experience without having to lug around all that bulky, antiquated equipment.

Find out for yourself why the audio and tech communities are aligned in their adoration of the incredible RokBlok, with Mashable saying that this intrepid little device could be “responsible for converting everyone to vinyl.” Typically listed at $99, the RokBlok is on sale for just $89 for a limited time.

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