Learn Computer Science With This 134-Hour Training Bundle

It’s no secret that some of the most lucrative and exciting careers on Earth reside under the umbrella of computer science. And as we become increasingly dependent on technology in the coming years, demand for talented and knowledgeable computer science gurus and programmers is only going to grow.

This, of course, means that competition for these positions will also grow, and in order to stay ahead of the pack you'll need to have a wide range of tech and development skills that can set you apart. The Computer Science Advancement Bundle is an incredibly powerful and affordable resource for anyone who’s interested in staying competitive in the field, and it’s on sale for over 95% off at just $39.

It can be difficult to stay up-to-date with the world's most in-demand and popular computer technologies. That’s why this bundle has meticulously broken down the latest and most important computer science subjects into easy-to-digest bundles of information that will actually stay with you in the long-run.

There are courses on software testing that walk you through both the theory and fundamental principles of this increasingly important field; courses that teach you about risk modeling and optimization using Python and Excel; courses that cover the latest trends and methods in the Big Data industry; and much more.

By the time you’re done with this instruction, you’ll be able to work confidently with the most advanced building blocks of any website—including a slew of major JavaScript frameworks—and understand the intricacies and implications of machine learning, which has become an incredibly valuable field of knowledge.

There’s even a course that will teach you how to ace a programming or coding interview, so you can rest assured that your new skills will be appreciated by any hiring manager.

Stay ahead of the computer science curve with The Computer Science Advancement Bundle—on sale for just $39. Your mind and your career will thank you.

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