This Music Streaming Service Can Help Eliminate Distractions and Boost Your Productivity

Distractions constantly surround us. Whether it’s a smartphone buzzing in your pocket every few minutes, an unrelenting Facebook feed, or just thoughts of a seemingly endless to-do list rattling around in the back of your head, these constant distractions rob you of your focus and make it impossible to do your best work.

Although there are several apps and mindfulness techniques available to those who wish to eliminate distractions and regain control of their mind, most of these require a significant time investment, which often undermines their effectiveness. [email protected], on the other hand, brings your mind into focus simply by playing scientifically-optimized music that helps you tune out distractions and boost your productivity, and a lifetime subscription is available for just $59.99.

Unlike most mindfulness apps that require your full attention to be effective, [email protected] works in the background — letting you get right to work on your most important projects without having to spend minutes or hours in preparation. There are over 50 channels of exclusively-curated music that have been scientifically proven to increase your focus and sharpen your attention span by 400% over long periods of time — with available genres ranging from acoustic and ambient to classical piano and even electro-Bach.

Think of what you’ll be able to accomplish after you’ve eliminated distractions from noisy coworkers, needy smartphones, and nagging, irrelevant thoughts. [email protected] even provides timed work sessions to ensure that your focused mind gets a well-deserved and healthy break as needed.

There’s a reason why [email protected] is being embraced as a game-changing productivity tool by professionals across countless industries. Find out for yourself by landing a lifetime subscription for just $59.99—80% off its regular price.

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