This Brain Sensing Headband Guides You through the Art of Meditation

There may be a new solution available for helping to quiet city noise.

In today's world, urban living spaces in almost every country are filling up more rapidly than ever, which means more people crowding together to experience the educational, financial and career benefits that are in higher quantity. Despite these advantages, one of the most important side effects of this global trend of mass urbanization has been noise pollution: from frustrated motorists honking their horns to the auditory drone arising from construction sites.

Perhaps this is why there is also an overlapping trend of yoga and meditation schools popping up which makes promises to help us center and expand our individual consciousnesses. Muse takes it all a step further with their Brain Sensing Headband (after all, who says that there can’t be such a thing as ‘smart meditation’?).

The product is designed to make the overall process easier, given that in all likelihood people who are new to this style of relaxation could lack the tools or knowledge to understand if they are in fact doing it correctly.

The lightweight headphone comes with a dazzling list of specs, some of which include:

• 7 Sensors for picking up 4 channels of date: 2 are located on the forehead, and 2 are located behind the ears

• Bluetooth communication compatible with Android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows 7 & 8 and even Ubuntu Linux LTS

• A comprehensive Software Development Kit (SDK) to support the operating systems

• A combination of oversampling and downsampling EEG signals for producing an output sampling rate ranging from 220 Hz to 500 Hz, which includes 2uV (RMS) noise

• Active noise suppression with DRL-REF feedback configuration via centrally positioned frontal sensors.

• Games and quantifying head movement motion input achieved via the on-board 3-axis accelerometer

To activate it, users simply put on the headphones and earbuds, start the app, and prepare to be transported far away.

Muse comes with a range of relaxing soundscapes to help get you started: rainforest, beach, and desert are among some of them. To keep you motivated, end of sessions results and graphs, rewards and milestones, and even valuable exercises that are created with input from meditation experts are included.

Still, the best feature of the headband lies in the real-time audio feedback capabilities it offers to the wearer: an application programming interface (API) and interface software.

There is the option of higher-level processing for providing more detailed analysis, as well as lower-level processing set up to handle more basic analysis and reading raw data. The smartest part of this design is that the host system handles the majority of the real-time analysis. What this means is that more processing power can be allocated towards providing an overall better quality of brainwave analysis.

With no foreseeable end to urbanization in sight, some of us can take comfort in using this product to quiet the noise withing—when the noise outside seems too much to bear.

Watch the video: Muse Headband Founder Ariel Garten On Meditation and Brain Optimization (December 2021).