KFC Now Has a Chicken Wing Box That Turns Into a DIY Drone

Who said fast-food companies could not partake in the tech world? In another PR stunt, KFC has just unveiled its very own drone, the KFO. The finger licking good brand is no stranger to taking tech trends and weaving them into their fast food brand.

Around mid-2017 the fried chicken company unveiled a VR experience that aimed to teach anyone the basics to frying chicken. Though gamers were sure to learn a thing or two about frying chicken, the experience was layered with a creepy aesthetic, resembling that of a haunted house.

2017 was a big year for Virtual Reality, and in 2018, drones again are moving to the forefront of the tech world. Righ on queue, the KFO aims to build on that hype.


The KFO is a DIY drone that will be a part of certain orders of chicken wings at the fast-food chain. Yet, if you were looking to get a KFO, you would have to travel to India. The fast food drone will only be available a couple days this week at select locations in the country.

If you are one of the select few who will receive a drone, KFC boasts a fast food experience like no other.

Wing thing, you make my heart sing! Here are our Delhi in-store #KFO winners… Fly by one of the designated stores to win one too!

— KFC India (@KFC_India) January 25, 2018

When you order the already limited edition KFC smokey wings, you will receive an unconventional branded serving box that will double as your drone. After enjoying your finger-licking meal, the inside of the box includes all the tools you need to create your drone.

What you will find in the box includes the drone base, propellers, motors, and onboard computer as well as the remaining materials and branded gear.

The "we bring it, you wing it" UAV can be easily constructed. After you have gone through all the proper tests, you can begin to take flight with your drone.

The KFO can be operated by both Apple and Android phones using an app created specifically for this experience.

The drone seems to be fairly agile, operating like your standard quadcopter. For those who want the full instructions on how to operate the drone, a full PDF can be downloaded here.

The "Most Fly Meal Ever" is already buzzing around the internet. KFC enjoys a good PR stunt, and it works for the company, generating a lot of talk about the brand.

What do you think of KFC's KFO? Did any of you get the opportunity to get one?

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