Learn How the Cloud Works with This Extensive AWS Bundle

Given the rapid pace at which technology is advancing and evolving, it can often be difficult to know where to invest your time and energy when it comes to learning new skills. Tech trends can be fleeting, and choosing the right ones to follow is essential if you want to remain competitive as both an employee and an applicant.

Cloud computing, however, is officially here to stay. This technology has revolutionized not only the ways we communicate with one another and store data but also how companies structure their businesses and appeal to new customers.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is hands-down the industry leader when it comes to cloud computing—providing on-demand and robust cloud services to individuals, major corporations, and even governments. And as the name implies, this Amazon Web Services Certification Training Mega Bundle will outfit you with the skills you need to manage these complex systems so you can command high-paying careers in numerous industries—all for just $69.

Featuring eight individual certification courses and more than 50 hours of content, this massive bundle is meant for anyone who’s looking to start a cloud-based career, regardless of your current skill level. You’ll start with the essentials, learning the barebones terminology and general concepts of cloud computing as they relate specifically to the AWS platform.

From there, you’ll move on to more advanced topics, such as learning how to collect and analyze large data sets securely, how to host different programs via interconnected domains, and how to identify cost-control mechanisms that can save companies millions of dollars.

There are also courses that introduce you to the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)—an increasingly popular system that allows you to create fully-customized, cloud-based networks that directly match a company’s specific needs.

Break into the endlessly scalable and lucrative world of cloud computing with the Amazon Web Services Certification Training Mega Bundle—on sale for over 90% off at just $69.

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