This Bundle Will Help You Build Fully-Functional Apps and Software from Scratch

As confidence in the economy begins to wane, we’re once again reminded that even the most robust financial upswings have vulnerabilities. And while this can be frightening for millions of workers across several industries, those who work as software engineers and developers are generally unshaken by volatile markets, knowing their skills will continue to be in high demand.

If you’ve been considering entering this dynamic and lucrative field, the Software Engineering Mastery Bundle will get you up and running with just seven courses—each dedicated to teaching you the essentials of the app development process. Right now, the entire bundle is on sale for over 85% off its usual price at just $35.

You’ll start with the absolute basics, learning how to implement popular data structures in JavaScript, utilize common commands that can be used across several programming languages, and navigate several mainstream coding environments. You’ll learn C++ from absolute scratch through a course that breaks this often intimidating subject down into bite-sized chunks, and you’ll tackle Ruby—a language that makes code easy to write, read, and execute.

With JavaScript, C++, and Ruby covered, you’ll move on to fine-tuning and testing your code to check for vulnerabilities and to ensure that you’re working in the most efficient way possible—a skill set that’s in high demand throughout the development industry.

From there, you’ll tackle more advanced development tricks and platforms, such as how to use PHP to design super-fast, dynamic websites quickly and efficiently, how to take advantage of the Spring Framework’s powerful structure to eliminate some of the headaches from Java development, how to use algorithms to cut your work time in half, and much more.

Whether you’re already a developer looking to expand your skills beyond one or two old languages, or a complete novice looking to make a career change, the Software Engineering Mastery Bundle will get you to where you need to be for just $35.

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