Keep Your Luggage Safe with This Bluetooth-Enabled Smart Lock

If you’re a frequent traveler, chances are you lock your luggage. This is a wise move, since it’s surprisingly easy for nefarious actors to take advantage of a traveler’s stress-induced daze and snatch belongings from an unlocked bag.

It’s unwise, however, to rely on traditional and cumbersome locks when it comes to your bag’s safety, since these are often needlessly heavy and require easy-to-lose keys. The AirBolt Smart Travel Lock is the world’s first Bluetooth travel lock that lets you control every aspect of your bag’s security directly from your smartphone, and it’s currently on sale for just $54.99.

Designed primarily for travel packs and luggage but perfectly suited to lock up just about anything, the AirBolt Smart Travel Lock unlocks with a single click from your smartphone. Location tracking means that you’ll be able to locate your luggage in any environment, and you’ll even be notified if your bag is removed from a designated area without your permission.

The AirBold also comes equipped with an individual backup access code button (so you’ll be able to quickly and easily unlock the device if you find yourself without your phone), and it’s easy to see when and where the AirBolt has been unlocked thanks to the app’s access history section. In the unlikely event that the lock has been mistakenly opened, the AirBolt simply re-locks itself.

Protect your luggage in Bluetooth style with the AirBolt Smart Travel Lock—on sale for over 30% off at just $54.99 for a limited time.

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