Build Your Own Trains With the World's Leading Train Simulator Game

Who among us doesn’t remember their first train set? Few gifts bring greater joy to an aspiring railway buff than a model train, and the countless hours spent assembling rail routes for these tiny-yet-mighty engines stand apart in the mind of any young track adventurer.

For all of you rail fans who’ve never outgrown your fascination with trains, but find it a bit too awkward to play with miniature locomotives at the office, Trainz: A New Era Platinum Edition Bundle is here to help. As the world’s leading train simulator game, Trainz brings all of your rail fantasies to life through stunning graphics and realistic simulations, all for just $19.99.

This latest iteration of the popular Trainz series takes routing options, imagery, editing tools and more to a new level. Brand new historical and modern routes come roaring to life thanks to an improved graphics engine, additional locomotive options are rendered with stunning accuracy and power, and there are even three bonus train sets to choose from.

You’ll be able to build and customize your routes using intuitive in-game editing tools, accurately monitor all elements and variables of your track with the real-time physics editing tool, run multiple sessions at once, and much more.

This Platinum Edition bundle even features a designated Download Station from which you can access over 250,000 DLC items that have been created by other Trainz fans across the world.

Bring your love for trains to life with Trainz: A New Era Platinum Edition Bundle—on sale for over 90% off at just $19.99.

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