This Adventure Tripod Lets You Capture the Perfect Shot in Any Environment

Capturing that perfect picture is hard enough when you’re in the comfort of your own home or out for a pleasant walk down the street. It can be much more difficult and sometimes downright impossible if you’re out in the wild, braving the elements.

The Pakpod Adventure Tripod was explicitly created with these difficulties in mind. A Kickstarter hit that’s making serious waves with both photographers and adventurers, this versatile tripod lets you capture the perfect shot in any terrain, and it’s on sale for $69—30% off its usual price.

Unlike most tripods that rely on weighted bases for their stability, the entire Pakpod Adventure Tripod weighs less than a pound so that it won’t weigh you down on long excursions into the unknown. Its super compact and foldable design means you can quickly stash it in your backpack, and it’s entirely waterproof—meaning you can attach your submergible action cam to capture underwater scenes with stunning clarity.

The Pakpod’s patented stabilizing stakes can secure to practically any surface—even sand or snow—over long periods of time, which is perfect for capturing those tricky time-lapse or video shots in the wild. It takes only seconds to set up, so you won’t have to worry about missing out on the perfect capture.

Find out for yourself why the Pakpod Adventure Tripod was named the Best Photo Accessory of 2016 by Outside Online, and has earned rave reviews from the likes of Cult of Mac. It’s on sale for 30% off at just $69.

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