This AR-Enhanced Notebook Brings the Beauty of the Moon Directly to Your Fingertips

The moon has inspired countless generations of artists, philosophers, mathematicians, and writers to produce some of their best and most influential work. There’s just something about the moon’s beauty, scale, and unknowability that temps those with a pen and pad to push the boundaries of their art and explore new creative horizons.

Given the moon’s annoying tendency to hide during the day, however, it can be difficult to align your most productive working hours with its inspirational glow. The LUNAR AR Notebook solves this age-old problem by bringing the power and beauty of the moon directly to your fingertips, and it’s on sale for $19.99—over 20% off its usual price.

As the first notebook to utilize Augmented Reality technology, this futuristic lunar pad lets you draw inspiration from the moon any time, any place. It’s loaded with fascinating facts about the moon, and an accompanying app allows you to learn about our astronomical ally as you work on hatching your next big idea, through 3D, 360-degree exploration of the moon’s surface.

There are both blank and graph-style pages (making it a perfect notebook for writers, artists, or mathematicians), and you’ll be able to store additional documents and pages in a discrete back cover folder.

The pad’s front cover is even embossed with exact replicas of the bumps, craters, and landscapes that adorn the moon’s natural surface.

Bring the moon’s orbital distance of roughly 239,000 miles a bit closer to home with the LUNAR AR Notebook—on sale for over 20% off its usual price at just $19.99. You'll never go back to your boring steno notebook again.

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