This Miniature Adapter Lets You Add Multiple Ports to Your Laptop

There are some undeniable benefits that come with the fact that technology keeps getting smaller. Smartphones are able to pack more computing power without taking up an unreasonable amount of pocket space, laptops don’t weigh down backpacks the way they used to, and Bluetooth headsets have gotten so small that many of them are practically invisible.

But there’s a major downside to the downsizing of technology: a lack of ports and connectivity. One need only look at the latest MacBook Pros to see that fewer and fewer devices come with many of the connections that we’ve come to depend on over the years, especially multiple USB ports.

The CASA Hub PDC601 USB-C Power Adapter brings an end to the war on ports by offering a wide range of external connections in a remarkably tiny package, and it’s on sale for over 15% off at just $49.

Available in a variety of colors, these ultra-portable adaptors connect to your laptop’s USB-C port and offer six additional ports—including a USB Type-C PD port, three USB 3.1 Type-A ports, an SD Card slot, and a microSD Card slot for easy 4K video file access.

You’ll be able to simultaneously print files, backup data, sync devices, and more without having to swap cables or wait for a device to finish charging.

The CASA’s durable exterior also means you won’t have to worry about bumps, scratches, or even electromagnetic interference, and thanks to an 80W power rating your devices will actually charge faster.

Don’t let a lack of ports inhibit your productivity. The CASA Hub PDC601 USB-C Power Adapter is available for just $49.

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