Feed Your Imagination with These Functional 3D Puzzles

Your brain behaves like a muscle. In order for it to grow into a problem-solving, analytical, work-crushing machine of productivity, it needs to be worked and stimulated on a regular basis. That’s why it is no coincidence that some of history’s greatest minds—including Einstein, Steve Jobs, and Isaac Newton—would often spend their “spare” time engaging in puzzles, playing an instrument, or taking a contemplative stroll.

While we can’t promise that they will turn you into a full-fledged genius, these Wood Trick DIY Mechanical 3D Puzzles will stimulate your mind and imagination—making you more productive at work and in your personal life. And right now these brain-enhancing puzzles are available for $32.90—over 15% off their usual price.

Once you've successfully constructed a fully-functional 3D puzzle, you will never want to go back to those relatively boring and uneventful 2D puzzle wannabes.

Made from eco-friendly wood and available in the form of a Ferris wheel, vintage biplane, windmill, truck, or carousel, these uniquely entertaining puzzles are a perfect way to engage your mind when you need a quick break from the task at hand.

Each set can be enjoyed by puzzle-newbies and advanced problem-solvers alike, and every time you build one you will be exercising valuable spatial, tactile, and motor skills that help with every-day tasks and keep your brain healthier for longer periods of time.

There is no cutting or glue required, and once you have conquered your assembly, these puzzles act as the perfect desk ornament with which to impress your less mechanically-inclined colleagues.

Exercise your brain with a set of Wood Trick DIY Mechanical 3D Puzzles—on sale for over 15% off at just $32.90.

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