Protect Your Home with This HD 360° Camera

Most reasonable people value security above everything else. Whether you’re protecting yourself, your family, or your belongings, having a reliable security system is paramount if you want to rest easy at night. But the unfortunate reality is that practically every security system worth its salt is either too complicated or too expensive (or both) to be practical for the average buyer.

Enter the iPM World HD 360 Degree 1080p Wireless IP Camera, which combines HD-quality imaging with encrypted security in a remarkably compact and affordable package—just $44.99.

Unlike most budget security cameras that leave their connections open to infiltration, the iPM features a fully encrypted signal—meaning that prying eyes won’t be able to hack into your feed for glimpses of your home or office.

You’ll be able to keep tabs on any room thanks to high-resolution, 1080p, 360° panoramic views, and stream footage directly to your smartphone via a secure WiFi client.

The iPM’s compact and unassuming design means that it can be placed discreetly in a variety of locations around your home without compromising decor, and you’ll be able to fully rotate the camera lens remotely with your smartphone to ensure that you obtain the perfect angle.

There’s also a built-in microphone and speaker in the base of the unit—making it easy to communicate with people in the room from your phone even if you’re out of the house.

You will even be able to keep an eye on things at night, thanks to the iPM’s infrared night vision.

Give yourself peace of mind without breaking the bank with an iPM World HD 360 Degree 1080p Wireless IP Camera—available for 65% off at just $44.99 for a limited time.

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