Bring Home the Elements with These Transparent Cubes

It’s a shame that high school chemistry classes tend to be mind-numbingly boring since the physical elements around which these classes are based are endlessly fascinating. The elements represented in the periodic table are what we, and everything that surrounds us, are made of.

Far too many future chemists and science enthusiasts have been turned off from surrounding themselves with these endlessly awesome building blocks of the cosmos, but these Luciteria Lucite Cubes are here to help.

Filled with elements ranging from beryllium and titanium to bromine and cesium, these transparent cubes let you bring home your own little chunks of the periodic table, and they’re available starting at $54.99.

Each of these cubes contains a real sample of the element in question, and thanks to the high-grade lucite casing of each cube, you won’t have to worry about degradation over time (or toxic fumes leaking out from some of the more awesomely toxic elements).

You could begin with beryllium—that wonderfully light but strong metal that puts aluminum to shame when it comes to structural integrity. Or perhaps you’d like to dive right in with a sampling of titanium, another lightweight, high-strength, and a low-corrosion element that’s used in the construction of everything from aircraft to spacecraft.

Of course, if your elemental goals are slightly more aesthetic in nature, why not pick up a cube filled with bismuth—an endlessly gorgeous metal crystal that forms stair-like outlines and has been used for construction and currency ever since ancient times.

These Luciteria Lucite Cubes also come packed with titanium, iodine, cesium, and niobium, and the more ardent chemists among us will doubtlessly want to pick up the entire batch.

Transform your boring living space into a haven of chemical glory with these Luciteria Lucite Cubes—starting at just $54.99.

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