These Navigation Displays Are Completely Transparent

Dash-mounted navigation systems have become practically synonymous with safe, efficient driving. Whether you’re an Uber driver who relies on accurate directions for a living, or a casual commuter who wants to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible, these devices have forever changed the way we travel.

The increasing popularity of dashboard navigation systems means that there are plenty to choose from, but only heads-up displays—which are completely transparent—let you maintain full awareness of the road.

The Hudly Wireless Smart Driving Head-Up Display is one of the most streamlined and function-laden heads-up displays on the market, and it’s on sale for 25% off at $259.

Fighter jets have been using transparent heads-up displays for years since they increase pilot awareness, and now you can bring that level of awareness (and awesomeness) to your humble vehicle.

Unlike traditional navigation systems that obstruct your view and take up an unreasonable amount of space on your dash, the Hudly lets you stay focused on the road even when you’re glancing at your directions.

With an 800x400 crystal-clear display, the Hudly automatically adapts to the conditions around you—meaning that it delivers the perfect amount of brightness and contrast whether it’s raining, nighttime, or daytime.

It plugs in easily to your car’s cigarette port, and you’ll be able to see incoming calls and texts without having to take your eyes off the road. You’ll even be able to cast any of your own apps directly from your phone and onto the screen.

If you’re more of a minimalist, however, check out Hudly’s little brother: the Hudly Lite Driving Head-Up Display. This small-but-mighty display delivers speed and RPM readings at a fraction of the cost (and size) of its older sibling and even tells you when you’re going too fast.

Stay safe on the road by maintaining full awareness at all times with either the Hudly Wireless Smart Driving Head-Up Display ($259, 25% off) or the Hudly Lite Driving Head-Up Display ($59, 40% off).

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