This Colorful Bluetooth Speaker Doubles as a Smart Alarm

Not many people have traditional televisions anymore. On-demand streaming services have made it easy to dial up a limitless number of TV shows and movies right on our laptops, and the thought of enduring commercials and waiting for our favorite shows to come on at a specific time is simply too much to bear.

But what if you could have a small, super powerful Bluetooth speaker that resembles a vintage TV in your room? The endlessly cool TIVOO Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker lets you listen to your favorite songs while creating vibrant and colorful pixel art, and it’s currently available for 20% off at just $79.

Regular Bluetooth speakers can be boring. Sure, they let you listen to music through a synced device, but we’re living in 2018—why shouldn’t we demand more from our speakers in terms of style and overall functionality?

Featuring a stunning 16x16 LED display and 360-degree audio, the TIVOO lets you bring your music to life with brilliant splashes of pixelated color. All you have to do is connect your phone to the mobile app, and you’ll be able to immediately create your own pixel art and lighting dynamics—all while the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology delivers rich, crisp audio.

There’s a DJ mixer you can use to create your own remixes, and you’ll be able to play games, record voice memos, receive social media notifications, and create custom lighting effects right on the screen. There’s even a dedicated bass port, so you won’t have to worry about sacrificing your low-end sonics.

The TIVOO also functions as a smart alarm and sleep aid—meaning you’ll be able to design and customize your own alarm functions with HQ alpha wave audio tracks, and pull up melatonin-inducing lighting for when you want to doze off in style.

Available in both red and white, the game-changing and multifunctional TIVOO Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker is available for just $79—20% off its usual price.

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