Bypass iTunes with This One-Stop All-Purpose Streamlined Transfer Solution

It used to be that transferring data to any Apple device without going through iTunes was nearly impossible. Well, luckily that is no longer the case!

Introducing WALTR 2—an incredibly simple and powerful way to transfer music, videos and PDFs directly from your computer to your Apple devices. This ingenious device is the work of the crafty and innovative data entrepreneurs of Softorino and right now it is available for over 50% off at $19.

Available for both Mac and Windows platforms, WALTR 2 not only lets you bypass iTunes during the file transfer process, it also circumvents every type of data converter that’s often needed to sync files across different operating systems.

Designed to automatically search and connect to your iOS devices, WALTR 2 comes loaded with Smart Adaptive Conversion technology for 5x faster audio and video conversions, along with a content recognition feature that automatically transfers metadata.

You’ll be able to quickly and easily drag-and-drop any music, ringtones, videos, or PDF files directly to specified destinations on your Apple devices, preserve the full quality of any transferred music or movie file, keep HD cover art, and sort your transferred files according to a wide range of criteria.

WALTR 2 also lets you read books and manage documents with full support for EPUB and PDF formats, and best of all you can use it alongside your Apple Music subscription for seamless integration.

Take the hassle out of transferring files and media to your Apple devices with this one-stop solution app. WALTR 2 can now be purchased for just $19—over 50% off its usual price.

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