Learn How to Use Google Cloud To Power AI With This 50+ Hour Training Bundle

It’s not very surprising that Google has come to dominate the more high-end aspects of cloud computing and data storage. The tech giant’s suite of cloud computing services powers everything from its famed search algorithms to YouTube, and has become an increasingly important player in the worlds of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

If you’re interested in beginning or advancing a career that’s even remotely tied to any of these overarching industries, having an in-depth knowledge of how the Google Cloud Platform can be used alongside the latest innovations in tech is essential, and the Google Cloud Mastery Bundle will get you up to speed for just $3990% off its usual price.

Each of the four courses in this expert-led bundle introduces you to a different element of the Google Cloud and explains how this versatile service can be applied to a variety of in-demand AI and data analysis platforms.

The Google DialogFlow For Chatbots course walks you through how to build intelligent voice-aware bots that lie at the heart of today’s customer service and online support industry. You’ll learn how back-and-forth conversations can be dictated by predictive algorithms, how to implement non-linear dialogs, integrate third-party platforms, and more.

The TensorFlow and Deep Learning module introduces you to the platforms and languages that are responsible for some of today’s most exciting new technologies—through instruction that teaches you about logistic regression, neural networks, and more.

The final two courses in this bundle are dedicated to helping you approach Google Cloud from both a data engineering and cloud architecture angle, meaning that you’ll learn how to implement Google’s latest cloud technology into an almost limitless number of third-party platforms and services.

Get the skills you need to be competitive in the era of cloud computing and AI with the Google Cloud Mastery Bundle for 90% off at just $39.

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