This Award-Winning App Increases Your Reading Speed and Comprehension

There are countless reasons why you should want to improve your reading speed and comprehension. Faster readers are consistently more productive at work, absorb new information more effectively, and are able to engage with new and complex ideas more efficiently. (Plus, that pile of eBooks that keeps mercilessly growing on your virtual nightstand isn’t going to go away on its own.)

The only problem is that conventional speed-reading techniques don’t tend to work very well, and when they do, they almost certainly inhibit your comprehension. BeeLine Reader, on the other hand, is an award-winning reading tool that helps you absorb information at a much faster rate while maintaining complete comprehension, and a lifetime subscription is currently available for over 85% off at just $29.

Whether you’re primarily interested in being more productive at work or making your way through your wish-list of novels, BeeLine Reader has you covered.

The genius of this program lies in its simplicity—by helping you avoid line transition gaps and skips through a series of tricks that utilize a combination of cognitive science and color coding. It applies an eye-guiding color gradient to your text, with the color at the end of one line matching perfectly with the beginning of the next—allowing your eyes to quickly follow each line without interruptions or distractions.

BeeLine Reader has been proven to help you read through everything from emails and news stories to blog posts and eBooks up to 20% faster, and it's fully implementable with both Google Chrome and Firefox.

Find out for yourself why BeeLine Reader has been adopted by the California Public Library System and has won awards from Stanford, Dell, and The Tech Museum of Innovation.

A lifetime subscription is available for just $29—over 85% off its usual price. Plus, you can purchase confidently knowing that with every subscription, BeeLine Reader donates five licenses to students in low-income schools to assist literacy efforts.

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