Transform Your Smartphone Camera into a Microscope with These Kits

Your smartphone camera is an incredibly impressive piece of technology. Having completely democratized HD photography, these tiny lenses allow even novice photographers to snap stunning shots of their surroundings with surprisingly little effort.

But your camera’s zoom function can barely handle a 4x or 5x zoom, let alone a microscope’s level of clarity at 120x. These uHandy Smartphone & Tablet Microscope Kits transform your smartphone or tablet camera into a full-blown microscope capable of capturing crystal-clear images of the unseeable world around you. You can grab the smartphone microscope for just $25 (25% off) or the entire kit for $101 (20% off) using code LABORDAY15 at checkout today

Ideal for aspiring or established scientists but equally well-suited for anyone who’s interested in exploring the micro world in stunning detail, this microscope kit is a must-have for any insatiably curious explorer of the universe.

It comes fully loaded with a low-magnification lens capable of capturing images as 120x, and a high-magnification lens that lets you view ultra-detailed structures at up to 360x.

Whether you’re interested in capturing the intricate details of a specific scientific sample for a project, or simply want to experience the world around you in an entirely different and fascinating way, these lenses will get the job done both easily and efficiently.

You can take multiple samples with the included stickers, jot down notes in the album, and use the intuitive uHandy app to manipulate your images or send them elsewhere.

Everything from plants and animals to aquatic marvels and leaf structures is fair game, and you’ll be able to get the best lighting for every observed sample with the included light stage.

Transform your simple and humble smartphone or tablet camera into a full-blown scientific microscope with these uHandy Smartphone & Tablet Microscope Kits for just $101 (20% Off) or get the Smartphone Microsocope for just $25 (25% Off) today using code LABORDAY15 at checkout.

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