This Retro Gaming Console Comes Loaded with Over 600 Games

Video games have undoubtedly come a long way since their humble inception nearly sixty years ago. Instead of 2D pong dots battling one another over control of a black and white (and oftentimes nonsensical) environment, we now have access to stunningly realistic graphics that can make it look and feel like we’re actually in the driver’s seat of a Formula 1 race car.

But many avid gamers still believe that when it comes to the best games in the world, the classics never fade. This Retro Gaming Console comes packed with over 600 truly classic games that will help you relive and rehash the heydays of gaming, and it’s available for over 80% off at $49.99.

Modeled after the immensely popular Nintendo NES standalone system, this console offers hundreds more preinstalled games at a much more affordable price.

It’s true to its name in both content and style—offering the nostalgic look and feel of the consoles most of us grew up with while delivering far more modern functionality and power. Featuring two controllers and an HDMI cable, you can connect this console to virtually any screen and start playing right out of the box.

And you will have plenty of games to choose from. This tiny yet mighty cube comes preloaded with remade versions of everything from Super Mario Bros and Ninja Turtles to RoboCop2 and PacMan. You’ll also be able to play fully-realistic versions of Aladdin 3, Battleship, Championship Bowling, Donkey Kong Classics, Harry Potter, Lucky Ball, Mickey Mouse, Ms. Pacman, PongPong, Transformers, Space Invaders, and much more.

Relive (or experience for the first time) the best days in the history of gaming with this practically endless trove of awesome, classic games. The Retro Gaming Console comes packed with over 600 games and it’s available for just $49.99—over 80% off its usual price.

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