Google Announces Major Automotive Partnership to Integrate Its Android System Into Future Cars

In the last decade, there has been a strong surge in autonomous vehicle development, with some newer companies like Tesla carving out its place in the industry, as well as more established companies like BMW also embracing the numerous benefits associated with this technology. Even better is the partnerships automotive makers have formed with tech companies to enhance existing features even further.

One of the most recent examples comes in the form of Google's announcement of its plans to partner with the powerful Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi automotive alliance in integrating its Android System in media displays that will be part of millions of future car designs. The changes would be significant, involving everything from Google Maps navigation, enhanced Google Assistant features, and Google Play Store-provided apps, all of which will become a part of the cloud-based systems and infotainment options already existing in many cars.

The move is a win-win for all involved, as it will offer drivers many of the features which they already are using, only making them a more accessible and practical part of the driving experience.

Hadi Zablit, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, said of the ambitious plans, “Our partnership with Google will offer owners of our vehicles rich user experiences that are currently available only outside the vehicle or, to a limited extent, by connecting an Android device to supported vehicles. We are building powerful connected and seamless on-board / off-board experiences into our vehicles in addition to the features of Google applications and services that many users are accustomed to, including Google Maps, the Google Assistant and the Google Play Store.”

“With the integration of the Android platform into our infotainment systems, we are adding a new level of intelligence to our connected vehicles. In the future, the Google Assistant, which employs Google’s leading AI technology, can become the main way customers interact with their vehicles, hands-free," said Kal Mos, the alliance's vice president of connected vehicles.

The Alliance proves that in the car industry there is strength in numbers

The partnership with Google, beyond establishing a different dynamic between the company and the automotive industry, is also symbolic of shifts of power sharing that are occurring in the industry itself. The Franco-Japanese partnership, an expansion of the older alliance started in 1999, is a strategic plan that positions the three companies to affect change in the industry.

With a strong and clear vision based on dramatically increasing profits and improving on sustainability in the industry, their comprehensive Alliance 2022 mid-term plan involves:

--> A ramping up of the development of autonomous-driving technology.

--> A planned launch of a dozen new zero-emission electric vehicles.

--> An integration of a broad range of service into their Alliance Intelligent Cloud platform.

The Alliance is proving with their efforts that connectivity is the key to ushering in a new era of technological innovation in the automotive industry, in the next coming years and in the decades that will follow.

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