Ferrari Unveils Exclusive 50s-Inspired Monzas With Most Powerful V12 Engine

On Ferrari's Capital Market’s Day, the luxury sports car manufacturer unveiled its very exclusive limited edition Monza duo. The SP1 and SP2 'Icona' special-series models were showcased at the firm's factory in Maranello.

Introducing the #FerrariMonzaSP1 and #FerrariMonzaSP2. Reimagine the #Ferrari legacy with the new limited edition ‘Icona’ series.

— Ferrari (@Ferrari) September 18, 2018

The barchettas

If they seem familiar it is because they are inspired by Ferrari's very popular iconic cars of the 1950s often referred to as the barchettas.

These marvels of engineering at the time, such as the 1948 166 MM, the 750 Monza, and the 860 Monza, were the cars whose performance and look helped make Ferrari the legendary uncontested luxury sports carmaker it is today.

They also delivered several victories in the World Sports Car Championship. Now, just like their stylish elegant predecessors, these latest versions feature the most advanced most up-to-date sports car technology conceivable today.

The Monza SP1 and SP2 are targeting Ferrari's most dedicated and most perceptive clientele and they are certain not to disappoint. Both models offer the best weight-to-power ratio of any barchetta supported by the use of carbon-fiber construction.

The cars are also adorned with all the distinctive superiors details one associates with Ferrari. The Monzas' head-and tail-lights, wheels, and interior all feature Ferrari's exclusive branding.

However, the most impressive feature of these beauties is their extremely powerful engine. The Monzas are both equipped with the most powerful Maranello engine ever built, an 810 cv V12.

This means these modern barchettas can now sprint from 0-100 km/h in 2.9 seconds and 0-200 km/h in 7.9 seconds. Wowzee!

If you don't believe us you can see for yourself. The Monzas are equipped with all-carbon-fiber one-piece bonnet-wing assemblies hinged at the front to showcase their incredible engines.

An aerodynamic wing profile, complemented by the absence of a roof and windscreen, enable the sports cars to have the unique proportions ideally suited for high speeds, close to those experienced by Formula 1 drivers.

These dynamics, combined with an all carbon fiber built, deliver an ideal combination of weight reduction and the ‘barchetta’ configuration. The result is sports cars that are perfectly balanced with absolutely no roll, guaranteeing superior handling. And for added fun, the cars’ compact doors open upwards.

Virtual Wind Shield

Ferrari even conceived of a unique solution for these 'en plein air' sports cars, solving one of the vehicles' greatest design challenges.

In order to effectively manage the aerodynamic flows inside the cockpit in the absence of a windscreen, the firm engineered an innovative patented Virtual Wind Shield.

The advanced technology, incorporated into the fairing ahead of the instrument panel and the steering wheel, allows a part of the air flow to be deviated to maintain driving comfort.

Ferrari offers all these incredible features in two distinct formats sure to please everyone's tastes. Monza SP1 is a single-seat model for those who prefer to speed solo while Monza SP2 is a two-seater for those who like to share their journey.

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