Elon Musk Shows Joe Rogan How to Really Enjoy the Boring Company’s Flamethrower

These two names back in headlines captured the attention of thousands on Instagram. Podcaster and host Joe Rogan showed off footage of Boring Company CEO using the company's popular flamethrower.

"That is preposterous," a man says off camera. Rogan laughs throughout the entire video.

Musk responds with "Dangerous to eyebrows."

The last time these two made headlines together involved Musk taking a hit off of Rogan’s joint -- which sent Tesla stocks into a dive and made investors question the CEO’s mental wellbeing.

This Instagram video appears to be from the same day, as Musk has on his same OCCUPY MARS t-shirt that he wore to the podcast interview.

As for the flamethrowers themselves, they made headlines last year when the Boring Company -- Musk's tunneling service -- sold over 20,000 of them. The Not a Flamethrower flamethrower raised over $10 million during the sales window.

The Boring Company's flamethrowers differ from normal, military-grade devices because it lacks the diesel or gasoline levels required for massive flames. In the case of this particular flamethrower use, that's probably for the best. Rogan narrowly avoided getting his stuffed werewolf singed in the process.

Watch the video: Joe Rogan - Elon Musks Fix for. Traffic (December 2021).