Secure Your Bike in Style with Litelok Silver

Bike locks are incredibly important parts of owning bicycles. They are standard equipment that not just keep your bike safely parked and also prevent your bike from theft.

The market has been bombarded with more types of bike locks than you could remember - from U-locks, chain locks, foldable locks, frame locks to spiral cable locks. However, the question that arises is, “Which one is the best?” The answer is definitely the new Litelok Silver.

Litelok Silver is the lightest and the most secure bike lock in the world. It is so tough that it can even break bolt croppers.

Litelok Silver is a British product which has revolutionized the industry of bike locks with its innovative materials and cutting-edge manufacturing. It is easy to use and super flexible, but these characteristics are just the tip of the iceberg.

Let’s check out the main reasons why you must embrace this product if you are a cycling enthusiast today!

Lightweight, Flexible and Secure

Litelok Silver is possibly the lightest range of bike locks ever made with three options to choose from: 630 grams, 730 grams, and 830 grams. In addition to that, it is extremely flexible and allows you the liberty to keep your bike locked in virtually any place, unlike the U & D locks that are incredibly rigid.

Also, Sold Secure, which is the leading testing organization in the United Kingdom, has rated this product Silver which is a testimony to its unmatchable quality.

Wearable and Easy to Carry

The next time you go cycling, you do not have to worry about Litelok Silver taking up too much space on your bike. You can use the wrap straps that are delivered with the lock and carry it securely within your frame.

You can even enjoy the wearable kit that comes with this product, and you can adjust it according to your convenience.

Quick and Hassle-free Usage

All you have to do to use this lock is to insert the key to fasten and unfasten it. Yes, it really is that easy!

Joinable with Vertical Locking System

This bike lock is made up of cutting-edge design which allows it to join multiple locks together for added security. You can even double the length to keep two bikes secured at a time.

Moreover, the vertical locking system on this lock enables the users to make the entire process of locking your bike quick and effortless.

Rattle Proof, Weather Resistant, and Anti-drilling

How annoying is it to hear the rattling of bike locks when carrying them while cycling? Enter the Litelok Silver with its one-of-a-kind tensile design and you can cycle in peace.

You also do not need to worry about protecting your bike lock from unpleasant weather anymore. The outer layer of the bike lock is UV protected and waterproof, and it is virtually impossible for someone to attack your lock with a drill.

The cherry on the cake is the annual theft protection to ensure you never have to lose a good night’s sleep, worrying about bike theft. In case if your bike gets stolen when secured with the Litelok, the company promises to replace your stolen bike!

This innovative lock is available for purchase through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

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