Tesla's Model 3 "Track Mode" Blows Away Competition on Track Run Then Gets Disqualified

Tesla’s electric vehicles have outperformed most mid-tear and high-end vehicles across the board. Cars in the line-up like Tesla’s Model X have been able to go toe to toe with the Lamborghini Aventador. It looks like Tesla’s latest vehicle may be no different.

This past week, Tesla launched the “track mode” for its Model 3. In this new update created to get the most out of their vehicle, drivers get to experience the thrills of a “race car.” Equipped with the new updated, Tesla enthusiast, Cameron Rogers, took his Model 3 to the Global Time Attack track, performing spectacularly beating out its gas-powered competition, easily.

Nevertheless, to everyone’s surprise, the Model 3 was disqualified because of the fact that is was electric.

Tesla Power

The new track mode allows for the Model 3 to take on any circuit because of its new race-oriented cooling system, that enables the vehicle to speed across the track without going into low-power mode to cool the powertrain.

Some other features in the Model 3 track mode include regenerative braking, enhanced cornering power, and motor torque rotation.

As described by the Tesla team," With Track Mode, which is designed specifically for use on closed autocross circuits and racetracks, our goal was simple: use that same motor power and torque to make cornering on the track feel just as natural as forwarding acceleration."

Electric Speed

Out of all the cars at Global Time Attack, the Model 3 outperformed the vehicles that were also tested on the track, clocking in the time 1:59.12 putting Roger’s vehicle on the podium for the day. Nevertheless, because electricity is not listed as an approved fuel, the car was fully disqualified from the event.

Oddly enough, hybrids at the track have not been disqualified in recent circuit runs.

For the uninitiated, Global Time Attack is a circuit with the goal of “assembling the world’s fastest dedicated time attack cars together”. Going back to 2004, the team at GTA comprises of leaders in the tuner, time attack, and traditional motorsports field.

Check out the disqualified Model 3 crush the competition in the video below.

Have you had the opportunity to sit behind the wheel of a Tesla?

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