This 4K HD Action Cam Makes A Great Gift At Just $60

The GoPro was a truly revolutionary gadget. All of a sudden, avid adventurers of all backgrounds were able to capture stunning footage on the go regardless of their environment.

Surfers were able to catalog incredible scenes of their in-air flips and turns, bikers were able to broadcast HD videos on the roughest trails, and scuba divers could finally shoot underwater with stunning clarity.

The only problem is that the GoPro remains obnoxiously expensive, especially when several other action cams can do the same thing for a lot less money.

This 4K Ultra HD Action Cam with Mounts, for instance, offers the same HD quality and multi-level functionality as a traditional GoPro at a tiny fraction of the cost, at just $60 with code MERRY15—over 85% off its usual price for a limited time.

This action cam is a must-have item for any adventurer on your holiday list. It allows you to record any extreme activity in stunning 4K HD quality on your bike, car, or even underwater, thanks to a wide range of included mounts and accessories.

You’ll be able to capture your surroundings with blur-free images and videos that can be easily uploaded to any online platform, and a 12 MP camera means that you’ll enjoy professional-level image quality without having to break the bank.

This camera also comes with built-in WiFi capability along with a companion app that allows you to enable screen mirroring on your smartphone, and a wireless wrist remote lets you remotely take pictures from up to thirty-three feet away.

It’s even waterproof at up to 98 feet deep—making it ideal for scuba divers and other underwater explorers who want to share their adventures.

You’ll be able to store your footage on any micro SDHC card, and your order comes with everything you need to attach your cam to a variety of different objects—including a car or bike. You’ll even get an HDMI cable and a wireless wrist remote to boot.

Capture any adventure in stunning HD quality without breaking the bank. The 4K Ultra HD Action Cam with Mounts is available for over 85% off at just $60 for a limited time when you use code MERRY15.

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