9 Forest Homes that Will Have You Rushing Out of City to The Countryside

You ever want to just get away from the hustle and bustle of city life?

City areas are not only at times overcrowded, but there is also a host of different types of pollution that is not good for you. From noise pollution to light pollution, maybe it is time for you to pack up and head out to the forested countryside for a while.

According to the Nature Scientific Reports, by the year 2050 70% of the world's population will be living in a city.

Interestingly, people who live in cities face many physical and psychiatric challenges, including systematically increased rates of illness, anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, and chronic stress. It is time to get out.

Now in 2018, heading out to a forest to live, won’t be as difficult as it was for your ancestors. With a renewed focus in the beauty of the forest and environment, designers and architects are eager to build homes that will rival or even surpass some of your city comforts.

So, what are you waiting for?

You don’t have to worry about living in a small little cabin in the woods. Forest homes nowadays can give you your own private lakes, pools, bespoke interiors, and privacy. Not to mention you get to be surrounded by nature.

Here are some excellent examples to motivate you to get out of the city and find a home in the forest.

Kiss House

Found in the beautiful and always peaceful, Ontario, Canada, the Kiss House is the quintessential home away from home. Surrounded by the lush green Canadian forest, this home is perfectly situated by the lake.

The interior design features an array of wood structure across its three bedroom garage as well as a dock house.

As stated by the Lazor team, "At the “kiss line” between two prefabricated modules, the lineal form of the house snaps like a branch held together only by bark. The open break forms a V-shaped outdoor room facing the water."

Tower House

Probably, the most unique looking house on today’s list, the home is like a modern take on a treehouse, perfect for the city commuter or a potential bond villain. The Gluck+ created house is designed with its standout t-shape as it tower’s above New York’s Catskill Mountains.

With its minimal interior and all glass exterior, the home always gives an outside peak into the vibrantly green forest.

The house feels reminiscent of the 70s with its shag carpets and combination of bright and neutral colors. The horizontal section soars high above the treetops and features both a kitchen and comfy dining room.

The Riverhouse

Now, this is a home for entertaining and the perfect getaway for large families and friends. Found in Coxsackie, New York the BWArchitects home is situated right above the famed Hudson River.

The home itself also features a massive garden and tons of land to enjoy during the mild summer months.

With its L shape, the seamless design combines concrete, wood, steel and expansive panes of glass to ensure residents get the best view of the forest from the home. The house itself is luxuriously furnished by designers from all over the world.

Crow’s Nest

BCV Architecture + Interiors designed this home to fit the pine populated area in Norden, California. This is nowhere near your typical cabin in the woods.

With its unique use of pine-and concrete, this forest home is perched near Sugar Bowl Ski Resort and features a winged roof covered with dotted square windows.

Inside the home, you will find broad windows, with high beamed ceilings and breathtaking views of the Sierra Nevada range.

Gambier Island House

For ultimate seclusion, privacy and all the amenities of a home, check into the Gambier Island House. This forest home will literally have you living off the grid. The British Columbia home is a rectilinear weekend retreat of wood, glass, and steel.

Covered in the glass, the home just peaks out of the forest, but allows residents to have the perfect views. Even more so the home itself supplies its own energy, using power from a propane furnace and the home’s own solar powered battery system.

Moose Road

Base in Ukiah, California, the Mork-Ulnes Architects home was constructed on elevated stilts to minimize the environmental impact and help protect the roots of the surrounding oak trees.

Surrounded by the areas, vineyards, and mountains the home itself has a three-pronged floor plan. When you walk inside the forest home, you will see a home furnished with local plywood from the California area itself.

Courtyard House on a River

This 1,900 square-foot minimal, forest home might be the place that you have been looking for on your next forest retreat.

Though a little smaller than some of the homes mentioned on this list, the home packs a wallop, with its comfy interiors and glass covered exterior. Stained black to blend into the surrounding forest, the home has its own fireplace, living space, and even a patio.

Piedmont Retreat

As the largest home on the list, this 3,800 square foot mammoth was designed and created to simply to enjoy the Durham forest and all its beauty.

The two-story home quietly hides in the forest, because of its neutral earthy color. Even more interestingly the forest home interiors are populated with recycled materials for the furnishings.

House in Ghent

Comprised of four different structures the home is made up of different “cells” with each one serving a very specific purpose.

While one pavilion might be used for exercise and wellness, a separate cell might be used for cooking and another might be used for sleeping. Like some other forest homes on this list, this house is luxuriously furnished with countless bespoke pieces.

Home For the Future

Though these homes are sure to turn some heads, it is fair to mention that the housing market is slowly but surely changing. In five years, you could be 3D printing your dream forest home in under a few days.

What was your favorite home from the list?

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