5 In-Demand Professional Skills You Can Learn for Under $40

Continuing education is the key to staying competitive in the job market, but you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars and just as many hours on a traditional in-class education in order to get the skills you need to thrive in today’s increasingly data-driven world.

Here are five incredibly affordable eLearning packages that will help you advance or kickstart a lucrative career.

1. Graphic Design Certification School - MSRP $1,197, Sale Price $39 (over 95% off)

There’s never been a better time to work in graphic design.

Thanks to an unending demand for talented and trained creative professionals who can design everything from engaging user interfaces to webpage layouts and online illustrations, it’s easier than ever to turn your raw talent into a full-fledged career.

The Graphic Design Certification School offers 41 hours of in-depth training in the industry’s most powerful and relied-upon tools: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

Through expert-led instruction, you’ll learn how to edit photos professionally, create captivating illustrations from scratch, develop online layouts, and much more.

2. The Ultimate Excel Bootcamp Bundle: Lifetime Access - MSRP $1,380, Price Drop $39 (over 95% off)

If you’ve worked in an office (or even at home) over the past three decades, you’ve doubtlessly dabbled in Excel—that number-crunching powerhouse that can be found in virtually every modern work environment.

But you’ve likely only scratched the surface of what this incredibly powerful program can do.

The Ultimate Excel Bootcamp Bundle will transform you from an Excel novice to a complete pro, through over 70 hours of instruction that shows you:

-how to create predictive models,

-integrate PivotTables,

-craft powerful analytical tools and algorithms, and more.

3. The Complete Project Management Bundle - MSRP $2,189, Sale Price $29 (over 95% off)

Project managers are in high-demand across virtually every industry because they know how to exceed goals and inspire teams—regardless of the specific project at hand.

This in-depth bundle introduces you to the field’s most powerful and popular methodologies (including JIRA, Scrum, and Agile) through 11 modules that utilize real-world examples and hands-on instruction.

4. The Ultimate Business Intelligence Bundle - MSRP $1,300, Sale Price $29 (over 95% off)

It should go without saying that modern business is driven almost exclusively by data analysis. Small startups and Fortune 500 companies alike rely on large-scale data analysis to innovate new products and find new customers.

The Ultimate Business Intelligence Bundle will get you up to speed with these essential skills through six courses and over 60 hours of training, in which you’ll learn:

-how to use Excel in order to find correlations in data,

-how to develop critical thinking skills in order to solve complex problems,

-how to build predictive models, and more.

5. The Digital Marketing Foundations Mega Bundle - MSRP $992, Sale Price $39 (over 95% off)

Digital marketing stands at the heart of any successful business, and the Digital Marketing Foundations Mega Bundle teaches you everything you need to know about this increasingly important and lucrative field through eight courses and 25 hours of instruction.

You’ll learn what drives Facebook ads and specialized content marketing strategies, along with the technology and methodologies behind Search Engine Optimization (SEO) platforms and display advertising.

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