13 of the Best Gift Ideas For New Year's to Start Your 2019 Right

You are almost to the finish line. You have made it through Christmas, and New Year's is on the horizon. However, are you ready for the festivities of New Year's Eve?

New Year’s usually serves as Christmas -lite but with much more alcohol and the needed ability to stay up past midnight.

Whether you are throwing your own party or attending an event, it is always good to get a few small gifts for your closest friends to help encourage them as they take their next steps into the upcoming 2019.

New Year’s Eve represents a fresh slate, a new beginning for those who participate in the holiday festivities and getting the right gift can be tricky.

You are probably are all shopped-out from Christmas and do not want to deal with any more of the holiday rush. Don’t worry, Well Done Stuff has got your back.

Gifts For Your New Year’s Resolution

The first group of gifts on these lists are for those who are eager to enhance their life in 2019 through learning a skill, maybe a fashionable t-shirt or a nice piece of technology.

Bring a few of these to your New Year’s celebration and you are sure to be a hit.

Wireless Alexa Friendly Earbuds

Wire headphones are so 2018. Whether it is for you or a friend, these Wireless Alexa Friendly Earbuds are perfect for those who appreciate music and cool technology. These earbuds give users the ability to customize their sound experience, and if you need a little help finding the perfect song, Alexa is built into the earbuds to help you out.

Coral One Robot Vacuum

Maybe you have a mate who has an apartment that is a little more on the messy side? Try getting them the Coral One Robot Vacuum.

This robotic vacuum can operate on its own or even be used as a hand-held vacuum. Powerful and user-friendly, get this for a friend who needs that subtle hint.

Tile-Mate Key Finder

How many times a day do you lose your keys somewhere within your home? The Tile-Mate Key Finder is here to help.

This simple small device can be attached to your keys and used to locate the missing item. The device connects to your smartphone, allowing you to call the device, locate it, and carry on with your day.

Voltaic Systems Array Solar Backpack

Do you have a friend who always needs to charge their electronic devices?

This one is for you. The Voltaic Systems Array Solar Backpack is a solar collecting backpack that stores energy throughout the day through the solar panels installed on the front of the bag.

The backpack can charge your phone in under an hour and your laptop in a couple of hours.

Logitech Washable Keyboard

Keyboards are some of the dirtiest places in a home, especially for those who use laptops hours on end. This Logitech Washable Keyboard allows you to run water over the device so that you can keep it clean after extended use.

The Perfect New Year’s Gift for Kids

Whether you want to dress up your kids of New Year’s Eve or simply want to get them one last toy for the holiday season, the following gifts are perfect for those who want to make this year and the beginning of next year, absolutely perfect.

Meccano Interactive Robot Toy

Maybe you want a pet for the New Year’s but are worried about all the responsibility that comes with taking care of an animal. Well, how about getting a robot?

The Meccano Interactive Robot Toy is an intelligent robot for younger audiences. With its built-in infrared sensors, young tech fans will not get enough of Meccano.

Baby Girl New Years Eve Outfit

Perfect for your little princess this outfit is great to get in the New Year's Eve mood. The party outfit comes with a bodysuit, a bow and matching tutu. You can buy each piece separately, nevertheless, your little one is sure to be the most fashionable person in 2019.

OZOBOT Creative Coding Robot

A child can never be too young to begin their journey into the world of coding. Coding will be an invaluable asset in the near future.

With the OZOBOT Creative Coding Robot, this small robot device helps children gain a basic understanding of coding and all the cool things they can do with the skill.

Anki Vector Home Robot

If you want a robot that is for more mature audiences, the Anki Vector Home Robot may be a great option. This adorable little robot is constantly learning from its environment.

The robot is voice activated and can do a host of things like take pictures, answer questions or even set an alarm.

New Year’s Gifts for You

Do not forget to treat yourself to something nice this year. 2018 is been a tough year and you should reward yourself for your hard work with a New Year’s Eve gift. These gifts for yourself will help you start your New Year’s just right.

Echelon 6-Bottle Modular Wine Rack Kit

This gift is perfect for the wine enthusiast looking to display or organize their bottles. Whether you have tons of wine or are looking to expand your wine collection the Echelon 6-Bottle Modular Wine Rack Kit is here to help you organize your bottles in an elegant and efficient way.

COOSA 3D Effect Starburst Fireworks Electric Oil Warmer

The COOSA 3D Effect Starburst Fireworks Electric Oil Warmer looks like fireworks in a glass, staying true to your New Year’s Eve celebration.

A popular item, this diffuser allows you to fill your home with exotic scents from heated waxes and oils

Spiderman Handbag

This gift is perfect for the Spiderman enthusiasts out there. This officially licensed Marvel Spiderman bag is as cool as it is functional. The bag itself has tons of space to give you easy access to any other Marvel related items you may have on you.

What do you like to do for New Year's Eve? Leave your comment below. Happy New Year’s!!

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